Can RVing Change Your Life and Lifestyle for the Better?

Always Take the Scenic Route

Once People Make the Switch, They are Thrilled

“I have never met a person who has regretted giving up the house for RV life” relates an accomplished architect who owns an RV and is in the process of downsizing from his “ball and chain” house. RV life has mushroomed with the development of America’s intricate highway system and the fans are rife! Speak with any RVer and you will encounter enthusiasm: “I love the lifestyle.” Once the rejuvenating pleasures of a life of travel and exploration are tasted, there’s usually no going back. People report feeling better, lighter, excited and exhilarated.

Living the Dream, the Reward of a Lifetime

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The reasons people choose to adopt a mobile lifestyle are many and varied. One pioneer we will call Maureen was a former Rotary Club President and principal to twenty schools. In one of of them, she successfully solved a growing gang problem permanently by devising a communications strategy where each and every student felt heard in way that they were not at home. When it came time to retire and she was not sure how to channel her energies, her best friend told her “Why don’t you get yourself and RV, travel the country, and play golf?” She ended up doing just that for two unforgettable years! She reported feeling younger, livelier, fulfilled, and in better physical shape than she had ever been before.

Each RVer has a personal discovery story to share, whether they take the time to write it down, or not. What follows are three interesting stories as related by couples who share mostly their ups and a few downs of having made the change to live their dream lifestyle:

Feeling Freer, Lighter, Exhilarated, and even Fearless – Julie and Marc

RVer Julie Bennett is an articulate writer who shares her story of making a change from having a suburban Colorado lifestyle with her partner Marc to instead travel the 50 states. She was not sure what awaited her at first as she shared her plans with friends and family at home. Not knowing what was ahead, at first, her inner transformations have been many, including conquering a fear of fear itself! In her inspiring RV Love article called How 3 Years of Full-Time RVing Changed Us for the Better, she explains that she naturally moved away from a life caught up in shopping for a life filled with appreciation for the wonders of nature, discovering new places and horizons, thriving on freedom, discovering independence through self-sufficiency and less dependency on the grid. She describes the excitement of day camping and how having a simpler life means living a richer one, especially when it comes to family time! For Bennett, RV living has brought authenticity and more awareness to her life, a goal she wishes to share with everyone through a fantastic online learning platform for RVers called the RV Success School: “Maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say?” – Nicki Minaj

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RVing Helped Us Have More Family Time and Freedom – Bryanna and Craig

High school sweethearts Bryanna and Craig came from families who always put family first and they continue the tradition. With a captivating sense of humor, Bryanna tells her own family’s story in How We Became A Full Time RV Family – Crazy Family Adventure. Her article mentions several websites that she began to follow as their idea of becoming an RVer family was incubating. Learning how to detach from accumulated (and ultimately burdensome) things and learning to sell excessive possessions were all part of their journey. Despite shedding tears in the kitchen of their self-designed dream home, the family now celebrates their RV lifestyle full of travel and exploration and they share their lessons after two years of full time family travel. While there are not necessarily campfires every night and it is not as if they have no cares in the world because they are on the road, they all have grown as people more than they ever thought possible. Their takeaways: “You only need two showers a week and Awesomeness is everywhere!”

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Time is Our Most Valuable Asset in a World Where Everything is Figureoutable – Alyssa and Heath

The day after they got married, this dynamic couple decided to travel before they had kids. Having done little research before embarking on this adventure, Heath called his grandfather every day for a month to get the skinny on basics like how to tow a car from an RV. While debunking the myth that traveling is expensive, decadent, or irresponsible, Alyssa relates that she and Heath successfully live on less than 2k/month and that hundreds of RVers they have interviewed work full time. Their cross country travels meant learning the ropes of mobile living right alongside those of marriage. In her honest and uplifting article What Full-Time RVing Has Taught Me About Life, Alyssa talks about being called a hippie or hobo for her choices and goes on to explain that there is no perfect time to travel, that people will always have excuses, whether they are fearful of filling prescriptions on the road or of not having a fixed address. She cites an important saying that sums it up for us all:

When you’re young, you have the time and the energy, but not the means.
When you’re older, you have the energy and the means, but not the time.
And when you retire, you have the means and the time, but not the energy.

Their advice: “Don’t let excuses keep you from exploring the world.”

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Changing Your Lifestyle for the Better

We are grateful to these couples for sharing their stories about making a change to improve their lifestyle and for offering so many tips and online links about effective RV living.

Whether you are a seasoned RVer and never tire of meeting dynamic new friends on your journeys or you are just curious and looking into what people have to say about RV life, there is always something to discover in the evolving world of road travel and mobile comforts, from functional to luxury. The superstar rock group Rolling Stones famously travels the world with their own living room couch, so as always to have a familiar place to sit while on the road, but most people will not be exposed to quite this number of new places while traveling. With the flexibility offered to travelers through WorKamper arrangements or mobile employment opportunities, there is no reason to not try out the RV lifestyle dream and see what it offers! At the very least, you will discover new places and make new friends, two rewards any of us can always use. We have learned from these three couples that changing our lives and lifestyles for the better means striking a balance between celebrating what is new in the present, for example efficient transportation and technology, with valuable lessons we have learned from the past, like protecting natural landscapes and habitat: “Take only pictures and leave only footprints.”

By B. McDonald
B. McDonald is a writer who thrives on exploring our fragile world as responsibly as possible with her web designer husband JP.
They are the creators of Bionic Sisters Productions online marketing.


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