RVing Made Us All Better People!

The Road is Our River of Life

8 Reasons an RV Family Vacation Puts Family First

Topic: Mom, Dad, and 12 Kids in an RV – It’s Possible!
Unstoppable Traveling Mom Susie Kellogg writes all about her RV adventures with her active family that includes 12 kids, several of whom actually have sports sponsors for their athletic prowess whitewater kayaking, rafting, snowboarding, surfing, or SUPing. By living in an RV all together, she always keeps family first and in her article “8 Reasons an RV Family Vacation Puts Family First” she outlines 8 compelling reasons why RV life sews her family together: home cooked meals, slowing down, affordability, time with nature, a leisure schedule, and family activities. “Sounds crazy, I know, but RVing truly does make me excited to wake up in the morning, eager to see what the day has in store. And I’m NOT a morning person!” Read more here: travelingmom.com/RVing

Living and Loving on the Road

Topic: Artists Travel the Continent
In her article “Full-time RV Living – Navigating Major Life Changes” Britt Densford describes the joys of celebrating her relationship while on the road, as a way of life. “The longer we travel on the road, enjoying the feeling of being untethered to a place, the more we crave freedom from these ties that bind.” She and her husband have downsized, but are keeping an art studio and some storage, while on the road. She shares her thoughts about letting go of things — and the benefits that accrue – here: theartofrvharmony.com/dreams She and her husband have been together 40 years, she has been a clothing designer for many of those years, and both grew to love a minimalist lifestyle by living in Japan for a year in about 100 sq ft.

RV living has provided this couple the balance and harmony that helps them thrive: “I felt a sense of floating through life. I enjoyed heightened awareness of what was in front of me, fully immersed in the moment.” Read more here: theartofrvharmony.com/full-time-rv-living

RVing Can Make Us Greater People

Topic: Heath and Alyssa Travel in their RV they have named “Franklin”
“One thing I’ve learned is that it’s impossible to grow as a person if you seek out comfort in your life” writes Heath in “How RVing Changed My Life and Made Me a Better Person.” In addition to the basics – like keeping the RV really clean, cutting down on using glass, and keeping the RV in good working order, Heath describes the spiritual strides forward that he has taken in life by needing less and no longer feeling tied to “nice stuff.” He confesses he used to be a high maintenance guy who always wanted the nicest clothes, now he is content with all the soul-pay he is getting from his journey on the road with his wife Alyssa. Together they are celebrating the serendipity of not needing to sign a yearlong lease somewhere: “I no longer look at our RV as a way to travel the country with a kitchen and bathroom, I look at our RV as a machine that has helped me to grow as a person and recognize what I truly need in my life.” He takes pride in learning the skills it take to keep the RV in good working condition. “The reason Alyssa and I have grown as people is because the RVing life brings trials and constantly puts you out of our comfort zone quite literally, usually on winding roads along cliffs.” Read more here: heathandalyssa.com/rving/better/person

One of the most profound discoveries of dedicated RVers is that the greatest joys often go hand in hand with having fewer ball-and-chain properties and an abundance of material possessions. Travel and simplicity lead to discovery and awareness!

By B. McDonald
B. McDonald loves to showcase and share inspiring ideas, she works with her web and graphic designer husband JP. Together, they are the creators of Bionic Sisters Productions.


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